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You too can create your independent cosmetics business, an approach that impacts the world around you. Build a life you love and a slow cosmetic line that brings to others the benefits of natural ingredients for their well-being and the planet's ! Create your trendy brand and make your aspirations a reality !



Charlotte Houmard - La Chaux-de-Fonds - SWITZERLAND

"I trained with Marie Bousquet, in COLD SAPONIFICATION in person in April 2019 and in aromatherapy and hydrolatherapy in virtual class in December 2020. I had the answers to my questions, and access to resources that allowed me to move forward in my project and to create my own brand CHA.COSMÉTIQUES. I know that I will continue to train myself as part of my entrepreneurial life, and I am delighted to know that I will be able to take E-LEARNING training! "


Stella Chartier - Auvergne - FRANCE

"Naturopath, I wanted to expand my activity in Auvergne. Passionate about natural cosmetics, I took the plunge by participating in the ORALI and LES ATELIERS DE LA SOURIS VERTE training courses in Paris. 4 years after my 2 trainings, I am more than delighted with this experience. Marie and Katia are professional, attentive, caring, qualified and the trainings are very enriching and qualitative. Thank you very much for your sharing and knowledge! I recommend their trainings many times."


Agnès Duvivier - Auvergne - France

"A fascinating training course, both technically (formulation, coloring, etc.) and humanly. Beautiful meetings, rich exchanges between students, and an essential time to take a step back and think about your brand, your positioning, your range and the values you want to convey. I dream of doing it again! "